Med-QUEST Healthcare Advisory Committee

The Med-QUEST Healthcare Advisory Committee (MHAC) is a federally mandated body (42 CFR Ch. IV § 431.12).  The MHAC provides a formal mechanism to obtain and potentially integrate the opinions and perspectives of MQD members, MQD healthcare providers, and MQD stakeholders as they relate to the planning, delivery, and assessment of healthcare services provided by MQD. Public participation is encouraged.

The MHAC provides input and feedback on MQD programs and initiatives such as proposed policies, healthcare services, member and provider participation initiatives, the Hawaii Medicaid state plan, the quality strategy, managed care organization marketing materials, and Hawaii Medicaid demonstration waiver initiatives.  The MHAC is an advisory-body and is not a decision-making body.

MHAC Charter click here

The MHAC meetings are a time to listen and learn from each other and gain insights from each other’s perspectives. The committee members collectively represent the broad interests of the community. Med-QUEST warmly welcomes the following committee members:

Marian Tsuji, Deputy Director of Behavioral Health Administration, Hawai‘i Department of Health

Ron Fujimoto, DO

Leolinda Iokepa

Le‘a Minton

Ashley Watts

Eric Z-Martin

MHAC meetings take place in-person and on-line using a virtual platform.

The 2023 tentative meeting schedule is:

Wednesday, February 15
Wednesday, April 19
Wednesday, June 21
Wednesday, September 20
Wednesday, October 18
Wednesday, December 13

Written comments can be submitted by email to [email protected], or mailed to Med-QUEST Division, Attn: MHAC, P.O. Box 700190, Kapolei, HI, 96709.