Provider Management System Upgrade Project

The Department of Human Services/Med-QUEST Division is in the process of developing a new web-based alternative to the current paper application provider enrollment process.


On March 1, 2020, the Division will launch it’s new web based provider enrollment system.  This is a change from the previously communicated implementation date of August 2019.  This new system will allow providers to enroll, update, and make changes to their information quickly and easily online.  This will reduce ‘paper’ processing and will save time for both the provider and state staff.

It stands for Hawaii’s Online Kahu Utility

Hoku, in Hawaiian means guiding star.  Kahu, in Hawaiian means caretaker or pastor, one who looks after their flock.  Our providers are our caretakers, looking after us and taking care of us, so what an appropriate name for our provider system!

We are still on schedule to go live on March 1, 2020.

On July 17, 2019, we sent an informational letter to our providers describing HOKU and most important, using our Survey Monkey link to provide us with their most current email address and phone number.

The letter stressed the importance for us to have current contact information as we will be issuing more informational notices on what needs to be done to prepare for HOKU’s implementation.

Using Survey Monkey to collect contact information takes only a few minutes.  Please use this link to update your information.

We anticipate starting provider community training prior to the launch in March 2020, and will have more specific training dates over the next few months.


Contact Information:






Mailing Address: 

Department of Human Services Med-QUEST Division
Attention: Health Care Services Branch

P.O. Box 700190
Kapolei, Hawaii 96709-0190