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Current Medicaid Fee-for-Service (FFS) Fee Schedule

Medicaid Fee Schedule Disclaimer:

Please contact the QI (QUEST Integration) health plan in which you participate for current coverage information. If you are calling for information on coverage by the Medicaid Fee For Service (FFS) program, please contact Conduent at 952-5570 or (Toll Free) 800-235-4378.

The Medicaid Fee Schedule may change without notice.

2013 Medicaid Fee Schedule

State of Hawai`i Department of Human Services Med-QUEST Division

Inpatient All Patient Refined Diagnosis Related Group (APR DRG) Payment Methodology


Med-QUEST (MQD) proposes to implement a new All Patient Refined Diagnosis Related Group (APR DRG) payment methodology for Medicaid fee-for-service (FFS) inpatient payment purposes for admissions beginning January 1, 2022. APR DRGs are a patient classification system developed by 3M™ and used by payers and providers to classify hospital inpatient stays into clinically meaningful diagnostic groups with similar average resource requirements. APR DRGs provide a mechanism for healthcare payers to make a single case rate payment for similar services provided in a hospital inpatient stay.

MQD proposes to apply the new inpatient APR DRG methodology to in-state general acute hospitals and children’s hospitals, excluding Critical Access Hospitals, freestanding rehabilitation hospitals, freestanding psychiatric hospitals, long-term acute care hospitals, military hospitals, Veterans Association hospitals, out-of-state hospitals, and State of Hawaii Organ and Tissue Transplant (SHOTT) services.

MQD has several goals and objectives for the new APR DRG payment methodology, consistent with its QUEST Demonstration goals to promote access, efficient utilization, stabilizing costs, and transforming service delivery. These goals and objectives include the following:

·        Establish standardized payment benchmark

·        Provide acuity measurement

·        Promote equitability across providers

·        Incentivize efficient delivery of care

·        Enable state control of expenditures


For more information on MQD’s proposed APR DRG methodology, please refer to the following resources:

Milliman Report “Hawai`i Proposed APR DRG Payment Model” – June 14, 2021

Hawai`i July 2022 DRG Calculator – v1.3 - Draft Version

MQD APR DRG Answers to FAQs – February 10, 2021

MQD Hospital Stakeholder APR DRG Presentation – April 5, 2021

The APR DRG payment model described in the above materials reflects MQD’s proposed methodology. The final APR DRG payment methodology is subject to CMS approval.


For questions or feedback on the proposed new APR DRG methodology, please email Eric Nouchi at MQD at enouchi@dhs.hawaii.gov.