Certification Programs

Nurse Aide Training Program

Under Federal regulations, the Medicaid agency is the agency within the State that establishes the curriculum requirements for State certification of Nurse Aide Training Programs (NATPs) and determines the contents of the Competency Evaluation Programs. The Medicaid agency determines whether a NATP qualifies to be a State certified NATP.

The following documents gives information on curriculum requirements and instructions and format for the submission of the written NATP curriculum.

  1. Information and general requirements for State certification

  2. Format for the submission of the written NATP curriculum

  3. Certified NATCEP and Approved RN Evaluators

  4. Reference Material for Recertification

State Approved Feeding Assistants Training Program (FATP)

Under Federal regulation, the Medicaid Agency is the agency within the State of Hawaiʻi that establishes and approves the curriculum requirements for the Feeding Assistants Training Program (FATP).  This optional program has been developed to assist nursing facilities who are licensed and certified to provide services to Medicaid and dually eligible (DE) for both
Medicare and Medicaid recipients.

Click here for information on FATP curriculum requirements, instructions, and submission format.