Med-QUEST Issues RFP for Health Plans for Contract Period Beginning July 2021

December 8, 2020

The Med-QUEST Division of the Hawai‘i Department of Human Services issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) today for up to five health plans to ensure access and continuity of care for Medicaid beneficiaries during the ongoing pandemic and into the future. The contract period begins July 1, 2021.

Med-QUEST noted that it envisions the bidding health plans serve beneficiaries statewide, although it will consider health plan proposals to serve specific islands as some plans may not have the ability or capacity to serve Medicaid beneficiaries statewide.

“The ongoing health, social, and economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are taking a toll on Hawaii’s most vulnerable and at-risk populations.  We appreciate the understanding, cooperation, and flexibility of our contracted health plans to help us all get through this challenging time,” said Judy Mohr Peterson, administrator of the Med-QUEST Division.

“We must do even more to make sure people receive the care they need in a cost-effective manner,” she said. “We look forward to partnering with the health plans in the new contract period to ensure we can continue to be responsive to the changing needs of the community, while also managing healthcare costs.”

Med-QUEST plans to continue focusing on its Hawai‘i ‘Ohana Nui Project Expansion (HOPE) vision to support and create healthy families and healthy communities by providing innovative programs over the full continuum of care, from physical and behavioral health, to long term services and supports.

“We consider the health plans valuable partners to help deliver better health outcomes by focusing on primary care and preventive care, addressing the complex health needs of individuals, and supporting members and their families who are facing multiple social risk factors that ultimately affect their health, such as houselessness,” Mohr Peterson said. “We’re also realigning our financial incentives to address the health and social needs of our members and exploring community-driven initiatives to improve the overall health of our members.”

About 63,000 Hawai‘i residents have become Medicaid beneficiaries since the pandemic began, bringing the statewide total of beneficiaries to more than 390,000. This represents a 19% increase in statewide enrollment from a year ago. The increase is most pronounced in Maui county and Kaua‘i county, where the increases are up nearly 21% and 19%, respectively, over the same time last year.

For details on the RFP, visit the Med-QUEST website, and click on the Solicitations and Contracts link under the Plans & Providers tab at:  

For all official procurement information, please see the State Procurement Office’s website.

Modified on December 08, 2020