Start Your New Health Plan

After you choose a QUEST Integration health plan, your plan will mail you a welcome packet that includes:

  • ID cards for each family member covered.
  • Instructions to choose a primary care provider (PCP).
  • A handbook that includes the health plan’s responsibilities, services, benefits, and information about:
    • Language interpretation and translation services.
    • Prior approval for care and other services.
    • Services the health plan doesn’t cover because of moral or religious reasons.
    • Grievance and appeal process.

Getting care before you receive your health plan member ID card

You’ll get a notice in the mail that informs you about the health plan you’re enrolled in. To get medical care, take the notice with you to your doctor or other service provider. Once you get your health plan ID card, you can use your card to get services. You’ll need your ID cards to get health care services. Make sure you carry your QUEST Integration health plan and Medicaid ID cards in your purse or wallet and take them with you when you need care.

Choose a primary care provider (PCP)

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Your health plan will mail you a welcome packet with a form asking you to choose a PCP. Your PCP will see you for regular checkups or when you’re sick. When you need a specialist or other medical services, your PCP will arrange it for you. If you need help finding a PCP or specialist, ask your health plan for help. If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan and already have a PCP, let your health plan know the name of your Medicare PCP.

If you received services before you got the Med-QUEST enrollment notification, tell your PCP or other service provider. Your health plan may cover some of these services.

You’ll have 15 days from the enrollment start date to choose your PCP. If you don’t let your health plan know your choice within that time, they’ll assign you a PCP. You can change your PCP at any time.