Long Term Services Supports Program

Medicaid has been a blessing to my family. My elderly parents are in their late 80's & early 90's and they outlived their nest-egg to be able to pay for exorbitant long term monthly care costs. My mother has Alzheimer's and is in a foster home under the care of very qualified care givers. Without the assistance of Medicaid, family members would have had to make financial and career sacrifices to help care for my Mom. While the effort would have been valiant, we are not skilled to manage a person w/a mental disability. We managed while the disease was in its early stages, but as it progressed, we found that we were not equipped emotionally or trained to care for my Mom as we believe a care-giver would. Now, with Medicaid assistance, we have experts that are excellent at what they do and they take great care of my Mom. With our elders living a much longer life, Medicaid provides the much needed financial assistance required to be able to receive the care they need to sustain their quality of life. 

Modified on December 14, 2017