Low-Income Adult Program: Momi Kawai

Momi Kawai

Aloha! my name is Momi Kawai and I would like to share my personal experience with you while I was under Medicaid.  I was diagnosed with breast Cancer April of 2014.  I had just recently moved to the Hawaii Island and was planning on going back to school.  I had no job and no medical insurance, because of my income status; I was eligible for Medicaid.  I was able to complete 7 months of Chemo and 7 weeks of radiation, not to mention that my Insurance covered all services and Medication.  I will forever be grateful for such a blessing to have had Med-Quest.  Currently, I am working my way back to a healthy lifestyle and getting back on my feet.  I currently work for a non-profit (Arc of Hilo) which allows me to go into my community to educate and advocate the importance of having Health Insurance.

People need to know that under Medicaid you are served just like all other Medical Insurance.  Not once while I was on Medicaid was I treated any different, people need to realize, just because you have free Health Insurance does not mean that you have bad or second class medical services.  Like I expressed earlier, I will forever be grateful for the help while under Medicaid.

Modified on December 15, 2017