Going Home Plus Program: Mr. Rocky

Mr. Rocky

Mr. Rocky, A Journey of Hope, Faith, and Love

Nearly two years ago, Mr. Rocky, a 57 year old male was hospitalized for pneumonia and was placed on a ventilator.  He requires total care in all his life activities. He then transferred to a nursing facility for a year and a half.  Although Mr. Rocky was blessed with a supportive family who visited frequently, as the days grew into months and years, Mr. Rocky missed waking up with his family around him and longed to return home.  The nursing facility contacted Going Home Plus for assistance in finding an affordable rental for him and his family.  Due to his medical equipment and need for electrical upgrade to support the equipment, over 33 rentals were explored.  Unfortunately, the rentals did not have the electrical capacity to upgrade the electrical system within the rental costs allowable by the section 8 program, thus, plans were to return home to his current rental.  Mr. Rocky and the nursing facility were actively involved in exploring alternate ventilator machines at a lower ampere allowable by the rentals existing electrical system.  Mr. Rocky, being a strong advocate, did his research and contacted various medical suppliers willing to establish a local contact office and contract with the health plan for the equipment.  Housing staff worked closely with Mr. Rocky, section 8 office, property manager, nursing facility, and health plan to resolve these challenges and to actualize Mr. Rocky’s plans to return home.   

Since Mr. Rocky’s return home, he shared that he has been “blessed” waking up with his family every day.  Mr. Rocky and his family have been exploring his “second life” with the opportunity of going to the beautiful beaches in Hawaii, attending family gatherings and cookouts, eating at restaurants, and going to the movies with his portable equipment in hand.   Mr. Rocky wants to return to work as a court interpreter as his next goal in his life’s journey.

Golden Keys for Success

Have the courage to confront your fears.  Be inspired to transform challenges into opportunities and possibilities. Live the life you want to live.  Build supports around you to achieve your dreams.  Have a voice and participate in your plans to make your dream a reality.  Never give up!

Modified on June 21, 2021