Congratulations to Michelle "MJ" Johnson!

Michelle “MJ” Johnson Named Med-QUEST’s Sustained Superior Performer for the year!

Michelle “MJ” Johnson, who has been with the Med-QUEST Division Department of Human Services since it began 26 years ago, was recently named “Sustained Superior Performer.” It’s a long overdue and well-deserved recognition for a founding member of the Med-QUEST team.

MJ, as she is affectionately called by her co-workers, serves as an Eligibility Supervisor in MQD’s Dillingham office.  But she excels far beyond the role of “supervisor” and has demonstrated that she is truly a leader for her team and for her peers.

Taking the time to listen to the challenges and concerns of others requires compassion and an unwavering commitment to provide solutions for those in need. It’s a position that suits MJ perfectly. She consistently demonstrates all of the great qualities necessary to understand the unique challenges facing Hawai‘i residents. As a leader since 2006, she sets the tone for her entire unit, which consists of 12 employees — nine eligibility workers, one secretary and two office assistants. 

MJ feels like she works with others of like mind and character, which is why she has stayed with the Med-QUEST over the years.

“I clearly remember my first day reporting to the office at 801 Dillingham Boulevard. As I was approaching the front entrance, there was a woman standing by the steps,” she recalled. “She asked me for my name then told me to go home because a tsunami was coming and wanted to make sure I was safe.”

The tsunami warning was set off by an 8.8-magnitude earthquake in Chile, but fortunately turned out to have virtually no impact in our islands. Still, the concern that was shown to MJ left a lasting, positive impression on her.

“At first I was shocked she was sending me home, but then I realized that was a sign of how the management staff cared for their employees.  They valued us enough to look out for our safety,” she said. “That’s how I knew this was the right place to be and I’ve been with this division ever since that day.”

Congratulations, MJ, and mahalo for serving Hawai‘i families!

Modified on November 13, 2020